Wechat is very popular mobile application these days it allows user to text and voice messaging with additional features such as hold-to-talk voice messaging, video conferencing,broadcast messaging and many more. According to current statistic it has more that 650 million active users.you are reading this article because you want to hack wechat account.

Do you want to hack or track wechat account of your kid or spouse? Do you want to prevent them from cyber bullying?

Wechat is very trusted mobile application it has no vulnerability to hack any wechat account in the world it is totally secure and safe. still you want to hack someone wechat account let me tell you that you can not hack wechat account however you can monitor the cellphone activity in which wechat is installed. My main motive behind writing this article is to guide the user and to prevent them from all those fake software available in the internet which promises a lot but at the end you get nothing but a spam creepy survey.

This wechat hack or monitoring software is developed by the trusted software provider all you need to buy the subscription and you are good to go.

What is this wechat monitoring software all about?

This wechat monitoring software is basically have two components one is the client software which needs to be installed in the targeted cellphone device and other is the online user dashboard where you will monitor each and every cell phone activity be it a wechat activity or any other mobile application activity such as snapchat ,whatsapp etc.

Wechat hack or tracking software is compatible with  IOS,Android and windows phone.

You can also track every text messages sent or recieve from the targeted mobile device. Incoming and outgoing calls monitoring , call recording facility getting exact GPS location of the targeted cellphone and lots more.

Do i need to have physical access to the phone to install the client software ?

Yes, you must have the physical access to the targeted mobile device to install the software don’t worry wechat tracking software is very smaller in size and takes hardly a minute to install. The best part is that it runs silently in the background that no one can notice unless you tell them. After purchasing subscription software provider will send you the client software in your email. You can easily open email from the targeted device and install the software on the single click.

Once the client software is installed in the targeted device an instant notification would be sent to your online dashboard where you are going to monitor every wechat activity.

Other than wechat can i monitor mobile text messages sent or receive by the mobile network also can i track incoming and outgoing calls ?

Yes, apart from wechat activity you can keep track of other cellphone activity like text messages incoming and outgoing calls GPS location tracking and other installed application such as snapchat,whatsapp,facebook tracking and many more.

This software is really worth to buy and i must say this is the only working software through which you can monitor wechat and other cellphone activity.

Disclaimer : This software is for parent’s it helps them to prevent there kids from cyber bullying please do not use it to spy on someone’s private life it is illegal to monitor someone’s mobile phone and other device. The law generally requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored.

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