Kik messenger is free instant messaging mobile application which allows you to text and share multimedia online. Are you trying to hack someone kik messenger account? so to be very honest let me tell you Kik messenger is  very  trusted mobile application and it has no vulnerability to hack this application. You can not directly or indirectly hack kik messenger however you can monitor the mobile device activity in which kik messenger is installed.

There are tons of fake marketer out there who promise you that you can hack any kik messenger account are absolutely fake and of no use.if you are worrying about your spouse or kid or you want to prevent them from cyber bullying then the only way is to monitor there cell phone activity.

With this software you are going to monitor every sent or receive kik messages in addition to it you can also see which photos, videos or any multimedia is being shared with whom and at what date and time.

This kik messenger monitoring software is compatible with Android , IOS and windows phone.

How to hack or monitor kik messenger account of my kid ?

In order to monitor your kid’s or spouse kik messenger account you need to buy this software subscription. Once you will get the subscription you would be given a client software which need to be installed on the targeted cellphone device to monitor the kik messenger.

Once the client application is installed in the targeted mobile device you are good to go. Now you login to the online dashboard provided by the software provider there you can see every cell phone and mobile application activity.

Additional feature of kik messenger monitoring software:-

  • See every text message sent or received.
  • Download shared multimedia from the targeted device.
  • Get list of friends
  • Get the exact GPS location of the targeted device.
  • See incoming and outgoing call.
  • Call recording of particular contact.


Can i hack or monitor kik messenger without having physical access to the targeted phone?

No, in order to monitor kik messenger account you must have the physical access to the phone without installing client software you can not monitor kik messenger. Don’t worry this software is very smaller in size and installs in a minute. After subscription you would be sent an email containing this client software all you have to do is to open your email account from the targeted cellphone and click the software to install.this software runs silently in the background and no one would notice it unless you tell them.

Can i hack my girlfriend’s kik messenger account ?

Once you have purchased the software subscription you can monitor every targeted device be it your girlfriend, spouse or kid. its a parental software though you have no right to spy on anybody personal life however if you are really worry about them or you want to prevent them from cyber bullying  for there safety notify them that you are monitoring there cellphone for there safety measures.

Can i see the current on going kik messenger conversation live in my online dashboard ?

Yes, you can see every online on going conversation of the targeted device. Not only the kik messenger messages but also any text message user send or receive in there cellphone. This cellphone monitoring software is absolutely amazing.

Disclaimer : This software is for parent’s it helps them to prevent there kids from cyber bullying please do not use it to spy on someone’s private life it is illegal to monitor someone’s mobile phone and other device. The law generally requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored.

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    great working for me also
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